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5 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Map

Creating your customized maps has many benefits including the ability to make it look exactly as you want, easily print and display them, and give them out as unique gifts. The fun though is all in the design process. This can be made easy with a map customizer. Some map customizers offer paid plans to use but here are a few that you can use for free.

1. Scribble Maps.

Scribble Maps can be used by students, hobbyists, governments and even the military. It allows you to easily create embeds, images, and map data for free. You can share maps with friends and embed them on websites or blogs. You can have them printed for a fee as well. Under the free plan, you can save up to 5 maps, have access to the basic tools and save 450 x 450-pixel images. You can gain access to more advanced tools and save unlimited maps under the paid plans though.

2. ZeeMaps.

ZeeMaps helps you create and publish interactive maps from your lists taken from CrowdSource, Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel and more. The free plan gives you 100-lifetime views per map and the ability to save five maps with an unlimited number of points and five highlighted regions per map. Other features include searchable custom fields, real-time Google traffic overlay, heat maps, spatial data aggregates, and customizable icons and color regions among others. The paid plans include branding capabilities and unlimited access to other features.

3. MapMaker Interactive.

National Geographic created map Maker Interactive. It’s entirely free for use. The drag and drop functionality makes it easy to add layers to your map and reorder them as necessary. You can choose among several base maps including NatGeo, Gray, Ocean, Terrain, Streets, Satellite, and Topo. Customize your map with lines, shapes, text, photos, and even videos. What’s cool is that you can see the coordinates of any place in the world plus explore and discover country facts and flags.

4. MapMaker Interactive.

Map Chart provides you with a professional looking map with the minimal aesthetic. You can use the color-scheme you want from a selection of color blind-friendly palettes. Its notable features include the ability to use detailed maps that show first-level administrative divisions of countries, hide any country or state you don’t need, and focus on a specific area using the Zoom feature.

5. MyHistro.

Need a map that will showcase a timeline of significant moments of your life? myHistro can give you just that. Available on the website and the App Store, myHistro allows you to combine maps and timelines complete with text, video, and pictures that you can save on a PDF file or embed to your website. It’s a geo-located interactive timeline with a social twist that allows you to share timelines with your friends and also view theirs.

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