5 Activities for Kids to Learn Outdoor Skills

Young boy rock climbing
Outdoor activity rock climbing

If you love being outdoors and have developed your skills by spending time with Mother Nature, you know how important these skills can be in a time of need. Now, you have children and want them to start developing these skills as well. You don’t want to throw them in the deep end, instead, start with subtle activities that could help them develop essential skills that they can build on as they get older. 

Here are some easy and basic activities that will help them develop essential skills they can use to tackle whatever nature throws at them!


1. Rock Climbing

little girl climbing a rock wall indoor

Rock climbing is a great way for your child to develop the essential skills that they can then apply outdoors. Not only will your child gain upper body strength, but it will also give them confidence and teach them how to navigate up and down different terrains. Start with local indoor gyms that offer rock climbing walls for kids and let them build their skills until they are ready to do it outdoors.   

The Takeaway:



2. Obstacle Course

Boy climbing a net during obstacle course

This one requires a little bit of effort but the payback is just as rewarding. You can either build a permanent or temporary obstacle course in your backyard with different tasks, heights and terrains to help your child learn a number of different skills. Obstacle courses can include climbing ropes, crawling through small spaces and getting downright dirty. Your child will learn how to problem solve with speed and be agile at the same time. 

The Takeaway:

Problem Solving


3. Gardening 

Happy small girl gardening

Gardening can be a great way to impart some knowledge about plants to your offspring. Plant different vegetables, herbs, trees and fruits in your garden and get your child involved. Use this time to teach them about seasons, foraging and how to distinguish different plants. Plant care and knowledge about certain plants can help them determine edible and non-edible plants in the future if they are ever in need. Plus, caring for and growing the plants will also teach them responsibility. 

The Takeaway:

Survival Skills


4. Swimming Pool Treasure Hunt

Kids swimming underwater and playing with toys in swimming pool

If your child isn’t the strongest swimmer and is afraid to get their head under the water, games such as Treasure Hunt will help them build their confidence and make them better swimmers. Collect a heap of coins and throw them into the pool; make your children race to collect them from the pool floor – the one with the most coins at the end wins! 

The Takeaway:

Underwater Skills


5.Build a Tree House

House on tree in evening garden. Childhood concept

What is more rewarding than building something with your own two hands? Build a house with your children so they have something that they can feel proud to be a part of. You can take this time to teach them about different tools and help them build their own skills!

The Takeaway:

Sense of Achievement
More Time Outdoors
Building Skills

Get your child away from the TV and computer and get them outdoors so they can develop their minds and skills. You never know when they might come in handy!  

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