4 Lovely DIY Ideas to Make Your Garden Look Prettier

DIY: Garden Ideas

Many people think that transforming a garden, from ordinary to extraordinary, is only a rich man’s idea. However, trust us when we say this – you don’t have to break a bank to upgrade your garden. You can easily give it a budget-friendly makeover and make it an instant favorite among onlookers.

Here are some practical DIY ideas to make your garden look prettier. Please note that all of these ideas are simple to follow and do not require a lot of effort or money.

1. Create DIY Concrete Mushrooms

These are cute garden decorations that are easy to create at home. For this DIY method, you simply need PVC pipes, concrete mixture, and concrete molds to create DIY mushrooms. Once the concrete mushrooms have completely set and dried, paint them in your favorite colors. Make sure to color them in different shades for a bright effect.
Attach the top of the mushroom with the concrete PVC pipe using adhesive glue. Next, push the PVC pipe into the soil to prevent your mushrooms from tipping over.


2. Consider Tire Planters

This DIY garden activity lets you turn old car tires into gorgeous planters. To recycle old tires into looking modern and attractive, pain them in bright colors. You can also create artful designs on the exterior of your tires and take your creativity to another level.
Before you bring these ideas into practice, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your tires.


3. DIY Gazing Ball

You can create a shiny gazing globe and accentuate your garden’s beauty instantly. To create a stunning gazing ball, you will need a bowling ball, some dazzling embellishments, and strong adhesive. Once you have glued the embellishments on your ball, let it sit for some time to dry. Afterward, place the ball on a flower bed.

You can also spraypaint your gazing ball in a shiny color or create lovely designs on the ball’s exterior – do whatever suits your liking!


4. A Small Pond in a Pot

This is a great way to add a nice water feature to your outdoor space. You will need to fill water in a bucket, pot, or an old/used bathtub. Place aquatic plants such as water lilies, lotus, or water hyacinth in the pond. You can also add in colorful pebbles as perfect pond accessories.
Have at least two to three different kinds of ponds in your garden for an added charm.

These are some of the most creative ways to elevate your garden beauty. They are easy to try and won’t take much of your time and money!