4 Humane Tips To Keep Rodents From Moving Into Your Home


Having rodents in your home is never a good thing. Rats and mice are unwelcome house guests, but they have the supernatural ability to find their way into places they are not meant to be, most of the time leaving clues of their presence such as chewed up cords, droppings, and holes in the walls. Some of them are so audacious that you might even find one scampering across your kitchen floor or even your counter or across your foot as you lie relaxing on the couch. While dealing with a large scale rat or mouse issue is usually a professional job, handling rodents when there are only one or two can be done relatively cheap and without causing any harm to the animal. Respecting the animal does not mean that you would have to live with them in your home. Once you are not dealing with a major issue, dealing with rodents is always a good starting point. That being mentioned, mice in particular breed extremely fast, so if you have not solved your issue within a week or less, then you need to contact a professional, as mice multiple quickly. Below are a few tips for removing the rodents humanely.

Use A Live Trap

The use of a live trap will hold a rodent without actually causing harm so that you will be able to sanitarily get rid of it from inside your home. Live traps are simple to use; they do not involve the touching of the animal to be able to release it afterward, however, you should still protect yourself with a pair of heavy-duty gloves just in case. This will safeguard you from bites, as well as from coming into contact with any feces, which is one of the ways rodents can spread diseases. You must choose your bait wisely. House mice are not actually fond of cheese as we were taught, this is really a myth, so do not waste your favorite sandwich maker, instead select one of their known favorites like grains, seeds, or fruit. However, rats are a bit different, they are not as picky, they are indiscriminate about their food selection, but they do have a preference for vegetables, cereal, peanut butter, and meats. You should note however that if you plan to use live traps in an effort not to harm the rodents, you should be checking in on your trap as least once an hour. Rats and house mice are susceptible to stress and this can often be fatal. As it relates to releasing the rodent, it is suggested that you travel far enough away from your home that they are not likely to return.

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