15 Of The Most Beautiful Bridges In The World


Bridges all over the world either link shores of rivers and lakes or are simply there to reduce time traveling on the roads. Not only are bridge efficient and effective, but some of these huge structures also make up astonishing forms. In every corner of the world, architects and engineers have worked together to combine usefulness and attractiveness to construct some of the earth’s most fascinating bridges.

Bixby Bridge, California

The Bixby Bridge is unquestionably California’s most amazing human-made structure. Aptly nicknamed the Golden Gate of Big Sur, The Bixby Bridge extends over a canyon at a height of two hundred and sixty feet, or seventy-nine meters, the bridge offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Columbia Icefield Skywalk, Canada

Anyone who has visited this bridge agrees, that strolling across this glass-floored pedestrian-only bridge, located in Alberta’s Jasper National Park, is one of the most awe-inspiring trolls they have ever taken, not to mention that it definitely gets your adrenalin going. Furthermore, the none hundred and twenty feet high see-through walkway offers a remarkable panoramic view of the Canadian Rockies.

Nanpu Bridge, China

Shanghai’s Nanpu Bridge has been among the top-ranked bridges in the world, as it relates to beauty. The locals and tourists alike are in awe of the spiraling approach, it was designed with the interest of its urban footprint in mind, attempting to reduce its impact on this as much as possible, it was also to provide the users of the bridge with an easy incline.

Viaduc de Millau, France

France’s Viaduc de Millau towers at a whopping one thousand, one hundred and twenty-five feet in height, it also holds the current world record for such a height. In actual fact, this extraordinary structure dwarfs the Eiffel Tower by as much as sixty-two feet. There have been some visitors of the bridge that have compared the stroll across the Viaduc de Millau as a walk above the clouds, what is more, is that the simple design complements the green valley which it towers over, perfectly.

Seri Wawasan Bridge, Malaysia

An authentic masterpiece, the Seri Wawasan Bridge’s distinctive and mesmerizing architecture was inspired by the tail end of a ship. The Malaysia masterpiece is characterized by a single pylon that is inclined at fifteen degrees, all the while the bridge is held up by numerous cable stays that are positioned to bear a resemblance to the wind-filled sails of a boat.

Pont du Gard, France

This bridge is the embodiment of Roman creativity; the Pont du Gard is simply genius in all of its grandeur. At one hundred and sixty feet high or forty-nine meters, this early century construction and design is the highest Roman conduit bridge in the entire world. What is more, is that it is the only multilevel (three levels) bridge constructed in ancient times to be still standing in the modern world.

Khaju Bridge, Iran

This bridge is considered one of the impeccable illustrations of the discretion that would define Persian architecture. The Khaju Bridge is ornamented with ceramic tiles and paintings; the structure’s architectural exquisiteness astonishes visitors. The bridge has a dual function as it also operates as a dam irrigating all the gardens in close proximity.

Sunniberg Bridge, Switzerland

In 2001 the Sunniberg Bridge was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Structure Award and with good reason. The state-of-the-art design and considerate aesthetic make this structure worthy of the praise it receives. In spite of the Sunniberg Bridge’s incredible height, it was initially designed to go well with the environment of this Swiss region.

Devil’s Bridge, Germany

A stroll across the Devil’s Bridge in Germany comes second to none as it relates to romantic walks along a bridge. Although local legend has it that the devil himself craved this perfectly round stone arch, do not let the name fool you, as there is nothing diabolical regarding this structure from medieval times. What it is, is an architectural achievement of such precision that the reflection of the bridge in the water displays a circle in perfection.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

This bridge is considered one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, it offers a breathtaking view of New York City as you traverse this pedestrian pathway. The structure is the link between the well-known Brooklyn and the Upper East Side of Manhattan neighborhoods.

Henderson Waves Bridge, Singapore

Henderson Waves is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, at one hundred and twenty feet above the ground. The waves in the design was an architectural creation that was purposely constructed to create numerous quiet, out-of-the-way spaces that attract joggers, couples, and families visiting the walkway during the weekend.

Charles Bridge, Czech Republic

If you ever have to visit Prague, you have to ensure that you see the Charles Bridge. There are numerous gigantic statues that run the full length of the Czech Republic’s second oldest bridge. To this day the seven-hundred-year old bridge is a very popular pedestrian walkway due to the few urban legends and very rich history.

Golden Gate Bridge, California

San Francisco’s illustrative structure, the Golden Gate Bridge, is considered in today’s modern world, one of the seven wonders. The bridge’s tranquil location and bright orange color have possibly played a vital role in the worldwide reputation.

Tower Bridge, London

Irrefutably the world’s most notorious bascule (a bridge with a pivoting section that is raised and lowered using counterweights) bridge. Dating as far back as 1894, the Tower Bridge spans the River Thames and would play host to practically 40,000 persons each day. Everyone is enthralled by the two magnificent towers and architecture indicative of European castles.

Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia

Approximately 150,000 vehicles would traverse the Sydney Harbor Bridge each day. As well as serving as a vital symbol of the city, this massive iron arch, nicknamed by the locals as the Coat Hanger, has turned into a viable tourist attraction. Climbing excursions are organized for visitors to go to the top of the bridge.