12 Stocking Stuffers For Those Outdoor Enthusiasts


Does your secret Santa list have anyone adventurous? Someone that is all about the outdoors and wildlife? Then check out this list of stocking stuffers with a cluster of adventure-ready gift ideas that any of them would be psyched to pull out of their stocking.

Petzi Tikkina Headlamp

Let us be straight here, the Tikkina Headlamp is not a super bright headlamp like some of the other top brands on the market, However, it is completely suitable for that normal, standard car camping or backpacking situation. What is more, it comes waterproof and it very easy to control as it only has one button so that you can toggle between high and low beam with a snap.

Klean Kanteen Straw Set

In today’s world, the new buzzword is sustainability, especially environmental sustainability, so plastic straws have become public enemy number one. One of the best things you can do is to make the switch to the Klean stainless steel option for straws, each of them is overlaid at the top with food-grade silicone tips. Plus, the set comes with its own straw cleaner in the form of a brush. So help your outdoorsman to save the planet one drink at a time.


The awesome beauty of the HeroClip is that you can hang anything, absolutely anywhere. You can dangle your packages from a tree. Hang your lantern from your tent or even place a radio from the end of your hammock, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to this lip combo, that can hold anything up to fifty pounds.

Topeak Mini 9 Multitool

If anything goes wrong on your camping trip, hiking expedition, or on the biking trail. You can fix practically anything, in particular on your bike if it comes to that. This little toolset consists of a Torx bit that can be used on the disc brakes, seven different Allen key wrenches, and a Phillips head screwdriver.

GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask

There are a few reasons that the Boulder Flask is considered so handy. Of course, number one is that it holds your booze, however, it is manufactured using shatter-resistant plastic accompanied with silicone grips, that if the need arises it can withstand a beating. Another great thing about the GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask is that it is completely transparent, giving you the ability to see exactly at all times what you have left in the tank, this is very important when what is in the flask is booze. When full, it holds ten ounces and on its own just around 4.3 ounces.

Chums Surfshorts Wallet

Everyone can appreciate the sleek design of this wallet, you do not have to be a surfer, you can just be a camper or a hiker. The wallet is made from ripstop nylon and has two zipper pockets for your cash or your cards, an exterior identification card window, plus a vanishing keyring which can hold your car keys, a bottler opener, or even a small penknife.

Arcade YOSAR Adventure Belt

This belt is very versatile, some people have had this belt for over a year and are still raving about it. They are amazed at the stretchy elastic belt with the simplest of polymer buckles. The belt was initially designed to honor the men and women of the Yosemite Search and Rescue team who saves the lives of approximately two hundred and thirty-six people per year in the park. For each belt that is purchased, ten percent of the proceeds go to assist the efforts in Yosemite through their help fund.

Peanut Lighter

This holiday season you can give the gift of fire, with the little peanut keychain lighter, which was designed for daily use and is easy to carry. The peanut lighter case is manufactured from durable and lightweight titanium, the brass lighter inside is simple and easy to remove so that it can be refilled. It is also waterproof and is also flexible enough to double as a pill vial if the need arises.

Buff Original

What single layer is more versatile than the Buff, if you can think of one, we cannot. It can function effectively as an impromptu beanie or a sweat guard. It can cover your face from the sun, providing UPF 50 protection, or even from the wind. The Buff can become a tourniquet, handkerchief, or scarf and it only weighs just a couple of ounces.

Nite Ize HandleBand

Regardless of what kind of smartphone you own, you can wrap it around your handlebars with this easy to use rubber strap. You can follow a map, even take a conference call, or even talk to Siri, all of this while riding your bike. Furthermore, there is a built-in bottle opener.

Wool Blend Hiking Socks

These quality hiking socks could actually be the difference between horrible blister-covered feet and happy smooth feet. Wool Blend hiking socks are definitely the answer, there are durable and every hiker that receives them will be over the moon to add them to their collection. There are even Ph.D. Approach socks, that are thin merino wool so that your feet would not overheat.

Tenacious Tape

Duct tape is what the old school hikers and campers travel with. The hikers from the new school generation move with Tenacious tape. It can grab hold of practically everything, even silnylon, and leaves no sticky residue as compared to duct tape. It has been used to repair sleeping bags, down jackets and tent flies on hikes and camping trips.