12 Natural & Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products


Cleaning products that are considered green, clean your home naturally, all without the unpleasant chemical substance that remains which can be harmful to you, your family, and your pets. Cleaning products that are Eco-friendly are made by using sustainable manufacturing practices and organically derived, non-toxic, safe, and biodegradable ingredients that will not have a destructive impact on the environment or your and your family’s health. These Eco-friendly and natural household cleaning products are aware of your family’s health and the well-being of the planet. Most of these products can be purchased online, at natural grocery stores, or at large retailers.

Grove Collaborative

This brand is definitely re-thinking what it means to clean and maintain a home with natural products. It is a subscription service company that provides a gamut of household and personal care products. That ranges from pet stain removers to multi-surface cleaners and are either under the Grove Collaborative brand label or the label of another natural product brand. Whether you are seeking a one-time delivery or want to get set up with a recurring shipment of the products, Grove Collaborative has all the natural cleaning and eco-friendly products you will ever require all in one convenient place.

Method Home

Materialized in 2001, Method Home was born out of the minds of Adam Lowry and Erin Ryan; it has worked its way up to becoming a staple in many of today’s American homes. The standard that the company has set is very high as it is registered B Corp, uses renewable energy, cruelty-free, has a playful eco-friendly package, and has commenced a biodiesel shipping program. The aromatic properties of these detergents, cleaners, and soaps will have your home scented and clean throughout the day.

Seventh Generation

This is yet another cleaning company that has implanted itself as a leader in the green cleaning movement. The accumulation of all-purpose cleaners, detergents and wipes are well known, however, did you know that the company has also developed its own range of natural and free and clear diapers, pads, and tampons? Over the past thirty-plus years, this company, Seventh Generation, has been contemplating what it means to be green for our people, our planet, and our future.

Common Good

Common Good took off in 2011, as what was considered a response to the significant lack of reusable packaging, therefore all of the cleaning products offered by Common Good is available in glass or plastic packaging, both of which can be refilled at any of the brand outlets, or refill stations worldwide. The safe, green, and stylishly packaged cleaning products range from Bergamot Hand Soap to Lavender All-Purpose Cleaner. The scents are a really nice touch to the finish of your cleaning.


For close to fifty years, the operations of this company have been strictly family-owned, with a vow to make green cleaning a priority and not just a priority but a reality through mindful and sustainable practices. The facilities of the company are one hundred percent renewable energy powered can only utilize carbon-neutral plants.

JR Watkins

This company has been around for almost one hundred and fifty years, with a constant dedication to a high-quality standard, and nice high-quality natural products ranging from body scrubs to home care. The home care line includes fresheners, soaps, laundry detergent, and cleaners so that there is something for everyone.

PUR Home

PUR Home founder Angela Richardson founded this company after embarking on an eco-conscious lifestyle some years ago, she was determined to create a natural household, cleaning, and skincare line of products, utilizing only the best the plant world had to offer in terms of ingredients. It has grown today to a natural and nontoxic line of products that include all in one concentrates, detergents, and multi-surface cleaners that are just as biodegradable as they are effective.

Mrs. Meyer’s

Mrs. Meyer’s is a product line that smells phenomenal and is very effective. Thelma Meyer is the owner of the company, who because of her nine children required natural cleaning products that got the job completed. Wondering what exactly is in the products? The company has an ingredients glossary that is directly available on the website. The scents range from peonies, basil, to mums and honeysuckle.

Better Life

With this product, there is no compromise between safety and performance. Better Life was founded by two fathers, with a unique goal of creating a product that would inspire others to re-think natural or green cleaning. The product line includes lotions, soaps, and a number of cleaners, such as options for your floor, nursery, grass, screen, and granite cleaners.


Caldera is no stranger to the cleaning products line show, however, it has been preoccupied with making the company’s goal to ensure everyone is comfortable. The focus had determined that smell being the most powerful sense, then the scents form their line up must be natural, comforting to everyone, and long-lasting.


Based out of Austin, Texas, Puracy believes in being as natural as humanly possible. There is a guarantee of the products to be pure, free from any harsh chemicals, and effective. Furthermore, the products are natural enough that they break down safely back into the environment without any residue.


The wasting of food is also a problem and a New Jersey-based company called Veles has made it a priority to be part of the solution for a growing problem. The brand developed the first-ever all-purpose household cleaner derived from ninety-five percent food waste, mainly coming from Manhattan’s Google office. Following a closed-loop manufacturing process, Veles makes use of the most active ingredients namely, lactic acid and acetic, and alcohol from food that would otherwise be discarded in a landfill.


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