12 Amazing Works Of Art That Happen To Be Tourist Attractions


There are more than hundreds upon hundreds of works of art for the public located around the planet and many amaze and astonish with their size and imagination. Regardless of if they are draped in marble or carved into rocks, made of plants, or dipped in gold, there are more or less of the largest, highest, and most breathtaking sculptures and statues in the world.

Rock Sculpture Of Decebalus

This sculpture is elevated above the Danube, located at the boundary between Serbia and Romania, the image is of Decebalus, which is the most recent king of the Dacians, and is Europe’s biggest sculpture made of stone. Reaching one hundred and eighty feet and eighty-two feet, the sculpture is larger than both the Christ the Redeemer found in Rio de Janeiro and the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

The Kelpies

This is the largest horse monument in the world, the two equines’ heads stand ninety-eight feet above anything in the immediate area. The sculpture depicts kelpies, which are water spirits that can shapeshift, is considered a reference to the regions’ strong association to horses that assisted in shaping the Scottish industry and economy. The sculpture is located in the Forth Valley, Falkirk. It actually stands between two big cities of Scotland, actually the biggest cities, namely, Glasgow and Edinburgh the capital.

Wat Plai Laem

This statue is situated on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, Wat Plai Laem is a Buddist temple that has been devoted to Guanyin, who is the deity of mercy and compassion. The greatest feature of this temple is an eighteen arm statue of Guanyin, which towers sixty-six feet over the entire compound. Not like any other Buddist temple, the Wat Plai Laem is a modern-day place of worship, however, the methods utilized in the creation are hundreds of decades-old and founded on ancient philosophies.

Leshan Giant Buddha

This sculpture can be found in the southern region of China in the province of Sichuan, carved out of the face of a cliff, the Leshan Giant Buddha is a stone statue, that is two hundred and thirty-three feet in height. It was constructed sometime between the year 713 and the year 803 and is in the image of Maitreya, which is the personification of everything that is love. It is normally a very popular tourist attraction.


This Guanyin statute is a section in Hong Kong, at the Tsz Shan Monastery and is painted in strikingly bright white. It is two hundred and forty-nine feet above the ground, it is located snuggled among the lush, greenery of the forests, making the religious foundation the very tranquil and gorgeous place and a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Spring Temple Buddha

This is a gigantic statue, it is the second-highest sculpture on the planet, measuring in at four hundred and twenty feet in height, however, when you include the lotus seat, which the statue is mounted on, plus the weighted platform base, it comes in at a total height of almost six hundred and eighty-two feet. This statue is a depiction of Vairocana Buddha, which is often referred to as the personification of the Buddhist conception of sunyata, which means the emptiness that is derived from meditation.

Cristo de la Concordia

This statue is based on the very famous statue Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. The Cristo de la Concordia found in Bolivia is the biggest figure of Jesus the Christ on the earth. The entire height of this statue is one hundred and thirty-three feet, it can be found at the top of San Pedro Hill and can be reached using a cable car or by taking the two thousand steps to climb up the hill.

Ushiku Daibutsu

During the year 1993 and the year 2002, the Ushiku Daibutsu was considered the tallest statue in the world. It stands at three hundred and ninety feet in height, which includes both the lotus podium and base on which it stands. The statue is made of bronze and holds an observation tower, plus two other floors that function as museums. The statue was constructed to honor the delivery of Shinran, who is a Japanese monk that practiced Buddhism, that founded Jodo Shinshu, which is the utmost practiced type of Buddhism in Japan.

Man Meet The Sea

If you have ever visited Esbjerg and arrived by sea, you would have been greeted with the image of four colossal figures which were sculpted using white concrete and labeled Man Meets the Sea. In 1995 is when the monument was revealed, to commemorate Esbjerg’s one hundred years of independence and is also a representation of the introspective characteristic of mankind. The sculpture is twenty feet tall and is a treasure of those in the local community.

The Great Buddha of Phuket

This statue can be found in Phuket and has been professed Phuket’s Buddhist Treasure. It is one hundred forty-eight feet in height, and was constructed using concrete and then concealed in Burmese white marble. The depiction is of Gautama in a sitting position, is how the structure was created, Gautama is the monk on which teachings founded the Buddhism religion. The work on this statue commenced in 2004 and cost approximately $950,000 to construct.

Guanyin of Nanshan

This is the highest Guanyin figure on the planet, it stands at three hundred and fifty-four feet tall and possesses three features, one facing inland and the remaining two beholding the South China sea. These separate depictions represent the Guanyin’s security and blessing of China and the rest of the world. The statue was enshrined back in 2005 with one hundred and eight eminent monks from all over Taiwan, China, and Macao participating.

Statue Of Liberty

The Lady Liberty is an unquestionable icon of New York City, as it welcomes visitors and returns residents alike since it was established in 1886 when the government of France presented it as a gift to the government and residents of the United States of America. Even though the figure itself is one hundred and fifty-four feet in height, once the pedestal is added it is over three hundred feet, putting it right among the top ten tallest sculptures on the earth.