11 Outdoor Activities With The Highest Death-Rates

We aim to be active in order to live longer. And we try to find hobbies that we are the most interested in that we can do on a regular basis. Unfortunately, some activities and hobbies have the opposite effect, and put your life in danger more than you may want to admit. Thinking about trying an activity that may be on our list? Here are, in no particular order, some outdoor activities with the highest death rates.

1. Rock Climbing

Climbing boasts a handful of health benefits. And thanks to indoor gyms, is a more accessible activity than ever. but for those taking part in the outdoor version, the risk goes up quite a bit. According to Teton Gravity Research’s roundup of most deadly activities, one in every 1,750 mountain climbers die every year. They also report that the higher the climb, the greater the risk.

2. Boating

Sounds like a leisurely activity, right? Not much reason to fear for your life? In fact, it’s quite dangerous. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, there are over 4,000 accidents that involves more than 700 deaths, close to 3,000 injuries annually. 80% of the victims drowned — although most were reportedly not wearing life jackets — and in roughly 77% of the incidences, “the operator did not receive boating safety instructions.”

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