11 Best Tech Products Of 2020


This year has been nothing more than eye-opening. It has been quite difficult to continue to stay up to date with the ever-growing technology industry, which changes with the blink of an eye. The list in this article although describing gadgets that tip the scale on technology, it can also serve as the definitive holiday shopping list.

Dell XPS 13 (9310)

This is the best ultraportable money can buy, it is the greatest clamshell-style, high-end laptop on the market. For Windows users that want to make a statement, this is definitely the clear option for you. It is very stylish for your office table as it functional for your everyday use at home in your living room. The system is as sleek as it is powerful, being assembled with Intel’s 11th generation ‘Tiger Lake’ processors and Intel Iris Xe graphics.

Asus VivoBook S15 (S533)

If you are one that is looking for an affordable daily use laptop, this is recommended for you. Just to confirm, there are cheaper alternatives on the market but none that can match the 15-inch full-fledged laptop, that can offer everything that you require in a slim design, that is built with quality. The S15 has a very dependable and long-lasting battery life and all the necessary ports. The MSRP on this laptop is $699.99 but due to the appeal and the budget laptop stock shortages during this pandemic, it will take some serious searching to find it at that price.

Apple iPad Air (2020)

Apple iPads have better gaming, creative software features than Android tablets and this new iPad Air provides pro power at a more affordable price for the average person. It has an excellent camera, ultra-fast processor, and enhanced Apple Pencil support, then the more common low-cost iPad models. In some opinions, the Air is a much better buy than the Pro.

Onyx Boox Note Air

The new normal school from home and work from home daily routines have started to demand new generation reading devices. This device operates on Android 10 which means that it can use any document or reader management software. And the screen is large enough at 10.3-inches to read everything comfortably and hold in one hand. If you need to take notes, then the included stylus will easily allow you to do just that.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Although it took a couple of months for Samsung to recover from the mishap with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, it rebounded strongly, with an ultimate powerhouse in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. It packed more technology than any of the other Android devices currently on the market this year. Some of the features this device highlights are a powerful processor, 120Hz screen, 5x optical zoom camera and can handle all forms of 5G available nationwide.

Apple iPhone 12 mini

Many people have been requesting a smaller first-rate iPhone for a long period and here it is. The iPhone 12 mini has all the trimmings of a world-class Apple product, with all the features like camera prowess, speed, and 5G capabilities of its larger family members.

Apple Watch Series 6

This watch has outperformed most Google wear OS-based models and also offers more functionality than what is seen in smartwatches like Fitbit. The flagship for this year namely the Series 6 has additional features to protect the user during the pandemic, it is a SpO2 sensor, which allows the user to monitor their blood oxygen saturation levels and a timer that counts down while washing your hands so you do not skimp on the 20 seconds rule. The Series 6 also has a brighter display, a faster processor, and an always-on altimeter, making this even more of the correct choice.

Wyze Scale

Wyze continues to live up to its name of developing quality products that challenge the competition. The tech scale offers matchless value with its capacity to keep track of twelve metrics, such as body fat percentage, BMI, heart rate, body water percentage, and much more and it is only for $20.00. There is also a safe mode for persons that have a pacemaker installed and those women that are pregnant. The Wyze scale can sync for up to eight users but will keep your information private.

Peloton Bike+

There has never been a better time to invest in this smart home fitness device. Peloton Bike+ is one of the best options you can find. It is an upgrade on the previous model with a better sound system, rotating touch screen which allows for better viewing and automatic resistance adjustments, it also has the facility for one-tap Apple Watch pairing. There is a regular schedule for live classes and a vast array of on-demand workouts.

Nest Thermostat

This is the company’s most reasonably priced model to date and also undoubtedly the best looking. The Nest Thermostat allows you to control your cooling and heating system by voice and mobile phones, remotely monitor the energy consumption, and set the temperature schedules. You can also set the built-in energy-saving features to help reduce your electricity bill.

Philips Wiz

The Philips Dimmable A19 Smart Wi-Fi Wiz Light Bulb is a very affordable option when compared to the same company’s Hue LEDs. It includes support for the IFTTT integrations and control via voice on Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. The app that is associated with this light allows you to create scenes to alter the mood for varying occasions with the simple press of a button.