11 Best Foods To Consume For Dehydration


Dehydration is a common ailment that many people suffer from. It can be caused by a number of things, including illness and excessive heat or exercise. If you are suffering from dehydration, it is important to know what foods will help replenish your body’s lost fluids.  When you a person is hydrated they will feel better, have better brain function, and food digestion is more efficient. In this blog post, we have compiled the top 11 best foods for dehydration to get you back on track in no time!


Pineapple is a fruit that is high in water content and a wonderful choice for anyone suffering from dehydration! It has about 83% water so it makes sense as to why pineapples are one of our best fruits for rehydrating your body. In addition, they also contain electrolytes which help with muscle recovery after exercise or play! Along with that, they have been shown to be beneficial in preventing kidney stones as well as protecting against cancer cell growths due to their enzyme Bromelain. Pineapple can be eaten on its own but you can use it over yogurt, oatmeal, or cereal if desired too.


This one might be obvious because it has water in the name. Watermelon is a delicious and hydrating summertime favorite. It doesn’t just taste great, it is also one of the best sources of water you can get from any food. The great thing about watermelon is that it not only helps to hydrate you but also helps with muscle recovery! Along with that, it also has the added benefit of being a great source of Vitamin A.


Keep things light and green with the best leafy vegetable for rehydration, lettuce! There are many types of lettuces that you can choose from but there is one thing they all have in common which makes them great. They are full of water, making them a wonderful choice to drink if you feel dehydrated or ill. Some good examples include romaine, Boston, and red leaf among others.


Carrots are a great vegetable for adding some flavor and color back into your life when you feel dehydrated. They have about 87% water content making them an excellent choice to eat if you want something healthy on the go or at work! Along with that, they contain many other important nutrients such as Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps protect against infection and illness along with providing necessary protein for muscle repair among other things too. You can enjoy carrots raw or even toss them into salads too!


If you prefer something a bit more exotic for your rehydration purposes, coconut is a perfect choice! The thing that makes this wonderful fruit great isn’t just its taste but also all of its hydrating benefits. Coconut water has been shown to be an effective replacement for lost fluids due to exercising or other activities. It contains not only electrolytes but sugar too. Most people often confuse coconut milk with coconut oil which is actually two very different things. They both have many health benefits in their own way so do not let anyone tell you otherwise if you enjoy them!


Another citrus fruit comes onto our list and it helps make up one part of what we call “The Big Three” when talking about fruits. It is especially good at helping to rehydrate your body. They are very tasty whether you’re eating them or enjoying a glass of orange juice. Oranges are high in water and also contain potassium which is an essential electrolyte for our bodies. This is fruit is all-around amazing for your health!


Another great fruit that you can add to smoothies or even enjoy by itself if desired. Papayas make a wonderful addition to any food list when it comes to hydrating the body naturally! They have about 85% water content and help provide many different vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C too. In fact, they were actually named after their resemblance of the human anatomy due to their heart shape along with other parts such as seeds or leaves! Papaya trees originally came from South America but now grow throughout Mexico and Central America among others places too so try one out today.


This is another vegetable that you may not think of when it comes to rehydration but they are actually an excellent choice too! Cucumbers contain about 96% water content which makes them perfect for hydrating your body after exercise or other activities.  Eating cucumbers can also help protect against heart disease and weight gain due to their rich source of Vitamin B among other things too.


Cantaloupes make a surprising appearance on our list as the final fruit in “The Big Three” along with Oranges and Papayas. They have about 92% water making them ideal for hydration purposes. This fruit is especially effective if eaten raw rather than cooked beforehand since cooking destroys some important nutrients such as Vitamin C. Strawberries also contain many different minerals and antioxidants which can help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other diseases too. Do not be afraid to add some cantaloupe into your daily routine!


Strawberries are a wonderful choice to help rehydrate the body especially if you prefer them over other berries or fruits. A great food choice for many reasons and they have about 90% water which makes them great for hydrating.  They also contain many different nutrients including Vitamin C and fiber too! You can eat them alone or add them to your other meals, either way, they are delicious with great benefits.


Kiwi fruit is another tasty fruit containing about 89% water content. Most people may be surprised to learn that kiwis actually come from China rather than New Zealand due to their name which was given by British colonists who brought the seeds back after visiting there. They have been shown to contain even more Vitamin C per serving size than oranges or strawberries making them a highly nutritious choice not only for rehydration but overall health as well!


Hydration is very important for our bodies not only when it comes to drinking enough fluids but also in the foods that we eat too. There are many foods that can provide us with this such as the ones mentioned above. They all contain about 85% to 95% water content along with other important nutrients which can help rehydrate our bodies both inside and out! As always, try them out yourself and see how they work for you because everyone is different in what they like and need for their bodies.