10 Top Ski Resorts around the World

An amazing view of ski slopes

Even though it was originally just for intrepid mountaineers, skiing has evolved into a beloved, mainstream activity for the whole family. The top ski resorts in the world have met the demand for the growing love for skiing by adding Après-ski entertainment, restaurants, hotels, and all sorts of recreational activities. For ski lovers and enthusiasts, a huge factor remains the snow and the terrain of the region. 

Here are the top ski resorts around the world that are fully-equipped and have gorgeous terrains. 


1. The Whistler Blackcomb in Canada


The Whistler Blackcomb is based in Canada and is known for its superb terrain. It offers 200 different runs and has 37 lifts for its visitors. You can even enjoy the world’s longest unsupported lift space that goes from peak to peak; the views from the gondolas are breathtaking. 

You will be able to see the glimmering Pacific Ocean from the resort and spending time in the charming resort village. The Horstman Glacier ensures that you can ski all year round, so you won’t have any trouble planning your trip. It is the perfect terrain for skiers of all skill levels. 


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