10 Things to Do on The Oregon Coast


Many people often wonder what places they could visit if they went on a trip to Oregon. 

There are certain places that you cannot afford to miss while visiting the Oregon coast. Among the fantastic locations, rich historical monuments, and nature’s wonders, it’s not tough to fall for its small towns and coastal cultures, making them the show-stealer. Many people reported visiting the Oregon coast often, but due to its ultimate beauty and history, they tend to come back here. 

Astoria’s Historical Attractions

Whenever days are clear, it is best to visit Astoria Column, which tops the list of amazing views of the entire area. Other than that, you can see the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which exposes the tale of the Northwest’s seagoing past in an exciting manner and provides a viewpoint for looking at the river. 

You can stroll through the real-like re-creation of the fort of explorers, and you will come across charts that are kept on the desk and will be candlelit, and you can also experience the smoke of the fires which provided warmth during the winters of 1806. As a suggestion, make sure you travel west before continuing south to witness the shipwreck of Peter Iredale on the Fort Stevens State Park’s beach. 

Seaside’s Turnaround And Promenade

Seaside Turnaround and Promenade is considered the first-ever beach resort, and it gives out the best experiences when you walk down Seaside’s broadway. In addition to that, it also consists of shops and restaurants and family engaging locations consisting of arcades, old-fashioned carousels, indoor golf, and bumper cars. 

The beach has a historic automobile turnaround and promenade, an available walkway that is 1.5 miles long. People enjoy walking and taking in the breathtaking view of the dunes and ocean. It has a fantastic view of the ocean and the grassy dunes. The promenade is also a link to several seasides and many more beautiful sites.  

Three Capes Picturesque Loop 

Iconic headlands and capes define the Oregon coast’s beauty. The most excellent compilation of these is frequently forested and fun to discover. Starting from the center of Tillamook, the primary Cape is found in the picturesque Cape Meares, followed by the Cape viewpoint. 

Other than high views from the ocean’s environment, every Cape along the 40-mile path consists of rich organic treasures of adventurous hiking paths. 

Tillamook Bay Heritage Route

If you want to visit a secretive place around Tillamook, you can pick this route. Here you can hike, stroll through the area of an old ghost town, discover quiet and not-so-popular historic locations near the Tillamook bay heritage and explore clam flats. Tillamook Heritage Bay Route is a self-guided tour of about 24 sites all over Tillamook Bay. 

The 12-month available route links and shows the five super-friendly communities, namely Cape Mears, Barview, Bay City, Garibaldi, and Tillamook. You can walk at the 7.6 miles long Bayocean Spit Loop Hike or the Meander of the forested path present Kilchis Point Reserve, which is three miles long.

Yaquina Head Excellent Natural Area 

This place is readily available from 101, and it is situated 10 miles away from Depoe Bay, located towards the south. It is pedestrian-friendly, has a parking portion and a hiking path. The 1872 lighthouse, situated at the head of the magma, is outlined by vivid wildflowers. There is a lot to discover in this fantastic location. Another great reason to visit this place consists of an exclusive tide pool settlement and an explanatory area to find the rich history of the lighthouse further. 

Cape Perpetua Picturesque Area 

Cape Perpetua offers the Oregon coast’s highest and most excellent look, easily accessible by any vehicle, be it a car, bike, or motorbike. Various hiking paths begin out of the Perpetua’s Cape and move through thick vegetation to discover the great environment. 

For traveling to Cape Perpetua, you can use Florence and Yachats in the north. However, if you want to avoid crowds and want a more secluded view, you must visit it on weekdays rather than weekends. 

Oregon Dunes National Leisure Region 

The Siuslaw National Forest’s portion, near Oregon’s middle seashore, consists of one another of the most extensive collections of dunes present in the entire world. Climbing, sand sliding on the dunes, and camping are also a few fun things here. In addition, various areas in the dunes, almost 40 miles within Florence and north bend, carry multiple exciting activities.

Ecola State Park  

Consisting of the forested headland of Tillamook head between Cannon Beach and Seaside, this place provides a wide range of moments where you can enjoy the view. Upon entering the park from the end of the cannon beach, tourists can begin their visit by going to Indian beach or crescent beach, which has white and soft sand and amazing rock formation. 

The actual excitement and view of Ecola State Park comes when you start the ascent of Tillamook in the forested headland. Almost 10 miles of trails can be located crossing over Tillamook head and Ecola State Park, consisting of the Clatsop trail loop and Oregon coast trail. 

Cannon Beach and Haystack Rock  

Several factors play a significant part in its popularity, consisting of this 235-foot volcanic rock. Another Oregon’s seven designated marine gardens are present, and the tide at haystack rock shows a colorful world of sea stars, urchins, and anemones. In addition, Haystack Rock is home to various species like seabirds, consisting of tufted puffins, as its bold orange beak can be located on the north side of the rock all summer. 

Cannon beach is the best community for tourists and visitors; it is only two hours away from Portland. This downtown district of Cannon beach is the main profile of a holiday with the family, including themed restaurants, arcade parlors, and ongoing events every summer.  

Samuel Boardman State Picturesque Corridor

Named after the Oregon state park’s first superintendent, this linear park about 12 miles from the coast located towards the south implies a fantastic view one after another. This picturesque corridor consists of the most desirable beaches present in Oregon coast highway runs all over the park, offering areas to park your vehicle so that all the beaches and picturesque views are made available for you. 

The pretty scenes of this great coast prove it as the best and well-known coast. But the sea cliffs and beaches offer solitude every time you visit. You can hike on steep trails to the parallel highway to skip the crowds.  


Other than the places mentioned above, there are other places that no one should ever miss out on whenever you visit the Oregon coast. 

    • China Beach 
    • Secret Beach 
    • Face Picturesque Rock Viewpoint
    • Heceta Head Lighthouse State Picturesque Viewpoint 
    • Oregon Coast Aquarium 
    • Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area
    • Boiler Bay State Picturesque Viewpoint 

Make sure you visit all of them to gain experience that would change the way you see nature