10 Outdoor Rides At Walt Disney World

No matter the time of year Florida is a beautiful place to visit. It was the reason for Walt Disney’s choice of location for his second park. We don’t know about you but when we head to Disney World we don’t only look forward to the characters, parades and food- we look forward to catching some rays as we enjoy the day! We want to be outside when we can and enjoy that sun, not to mention the rides, lol.

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

One of the most popular and family friendly but still exciting roller coasters out there! This is one of those rides you could go on again and again back to back!

2. Mad Tea Party

This is a “must see” for every first timer especially. This is one of the original rides from opening day in 1971 and a ride that can be found in Disneyland as well as Disneyland Paris. The bonus of this ride is its outdoor but covered!

3. Kali River Rapids

Not only is this a fantastic and fun ride that keeps you outdoors but you have a really great chance of getting wet and cooling off! This ride is an adventure ride with lots of spins and drops.

4. Kilimanjaro Safari

A nice way to get a load off those tired feet and see many of the Animal Kingdom feature animals from perfect vantage points. Have your phone ready because you may see zebras, rhinos, giraffes and if you’re lucky-a lion or two!

5. Dumbo The Flying Elephant

This ride was such a popular classic that during the expansion of New Fantasyland it doubled in size! Perfect for your little ones, don’t miss this one.

6. Summit Plummet

One of the best water slides Disney and anyone else has to offer! This slide is one of the fastest and longest in the world at 120 feet of free fall! If you make it to Blizzard Beach and you have a daredevil spirit, this is for you!

7. Summit Plummet

Found in Dinoland U.S.A in Animal Kingdom this carnival-style roller coaster puts a new “spin” on things! The cars you are seated in not only whiz around the coaster tracks but it spins on the track as you roll!

8. Walt Disney World Railroad

By no means a thrill ride, this old-fashioned steam-powered train picks you up in Fantasyland and drops you off in Frontierland and Main Street U.S.A. (and vice versa). It’s a different way to see the park and provides a scenic shortcut for those who need a break!

9. Splash Mountain

Though only about 50% outdoors the real thrill of the ride is in outside in the Florida sunshine so it makes this list! It’s a high-speed, long drop right under the brier patch.

10. Jungle Cruise

A family favorite, everyone loves the trip through the jungle with views of playful elephants, hippos and a comedic tour guide.

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