10 Of The Most Controversial Tourist Attractions


Have a look at these Controversial Tourist Attractions around the world. Some of these are very dangerous. People have always been interested in the horrid, bloody and violent aspects of life. There’s even a term thanatourism to describe a trend in traveling to sites associated with death and suffering.

Vang Vieng, Laos

Vang Vieng is a tourism-oriented town in Laos. The town lies on the Nam Song river. The most notable feature of the area is the karst hill landscape surrounding the town. Vang Vieng, deep in the jungle of Laos. is a backpacker paradise where there are no rules. Last year at least 27 travelers died there. and countless more were injured. Laos has the reputation of being one of the most dangerous places for tourists in all of Asia. Drugs, death, and drowning. These are the words most often associated with Vang Vieng.

Jarawa Reserve, Andaman Islands

The Jarawa are one of the Adivasi indigenous peoples of the Andaman Islands in India. First exposed by tribal rights group Survival International in 2010 and brought to light by an unsettling video uploaded by the Observer. That showed women forced to dance by an off-camera policeman. With a view to protecting the Jarawa tribes; The Supreme Court then banned all kinds of commercial and tourism activities within a five-kilometer radius around the Jarawa Tribal Reserve in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. But reports surface periodically claiming that the human safaris are, in fact, still going on.

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