10 Most Outrageous Dog Costumes…and Where to Find Them!


Why should humans have all of the fun when it comes to dressing up in cosstumes! If your dog could talk, I’m sure he’d agree (well, maybe not). These costumes are so outrageously adorable, they are sure to bring smiles to anyone who sees your pup in them. Dress your doggie up for Halloween, or let them play dress up all year long. These costumes are too cute to wear just once a year!

1. Pup John Paul II

The masses will flock to get a glimpse of your holy dog if he’s dressed up like Pup (Pope) John Paul II. Take this costume to another level, by pulling him around in a wagon transformed into a Popemobile. His favorite humans can dress up like Priests or Nuns too.

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Puppy Pope Costume

2. Deadly Doggie

Your dog is likely to get more laughs, than screams, when he dresses up as this canine killer. The rest of the family can add to the horror movie theme too, by dressing up as his unfortunate victims (blood and all).

Get Yours Here:
Canine Chucky Costume

3. Puppywise

Even if you hate clowns, you will love this adorable Pennywise (the creepy clown from “It”) costume. With a wig, cute frilly clown costume, and iconic red balloon, your dog will be 100% cute – and 0% scary.

Get Yours Here:
Clown Cutie Costume

4. Starbarks Coffee

Iced coffee has never looked so cute! This costume even comes with a whipped cream hat and straw. Your doggie’s humans can dress up as baristas to complete the “Starbarks” theme.

Get Yours Here:
Puppy Latte Costume

5. Harry Pupper

This Harry Potter-themed wizard costume, will definitely cast a spell on you, and everyone who sees it on your dog. You may need to cast a spell on your doggie though – to get him to wear the fake glasses all night.

Get Yours Here:
Dog Wizard Costume

6. Puglet

Your dog will be pretty in pink when she dresses up like Piglet. This would make a great group costume, with any other dog/human siblings, dressed as their favorite Winnie The Pooh characters too.

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Pink Piglet Costume

7. United Puppy Service (UPS) Driver

You will make your UPS driver’s day if your doggie greets him at the door wearing his United “Puppy” Service uniform. You both will hardly be able to wait, for your next UPS delivery.

Get Yours Here:
UPS Doggie Driver Costume

8. Mermutt Ariel

With so many great doggie princess costumes to choose from, this one was the clear winner. I mean, how can you resist a dog in a red wig, and a mermaid tail? The rest of the family can join in on the theme too, by dressing as their favorite prince or princess.

Get Yours Here:
Princess Ariel Costume

9. Dogtor

Everyone will love getting house calls from this adorable “Dogtor.” He has all the medical equipment he needs – in his tiny doctor’s bag.

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Dr. Dog Costume

10. Marilyn Muttroe

The dress, the hair – plus the cleavage? This Marilyn “Muttroe” costume could make even a mutt feel like a movie star.

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Doggie Marilyn Monroe Costume