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10 Most Outrageous Dog Costumes…and Where to Find Them!

Why should humans have all of the fun when it comes to dressing up in cosstumes! If your dog could talk, I’m sure he’d agree (well, maybe not). These costumes are so outrageously adorable, they are sure to bring smiles to anyone who sees your pup in them. Dress your doggie up for Halloween, or let them play dress up all year long. These costumes are too cute to wear just once a year!

1. Pup John Paul II

The masses will flock to get a glimpse of your holy dog, if he’s dressed up like Pup (Pope) John Paul II. Take this costume to another level, by pulling him around in a wagon transformed into a Popemobile. His favorite humans can dress up like Priests or Nuns too.

Get Yours Here:
Puppy Pope Costume



2. Deadly Doggie

Your dog is likely to get more laughs, than screams, when he dresses up as this canine killer. The rest of the family can add to the horror movie theme too, by dressing up as his unfortunate victims (blood and all).

Get Yours Here:
Canine Chucky Costume


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