10 Healthiest New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make


Have you ever heard the saying, that new year resolutions are similar to babies, as they are fun to make however very difficult to maintain? Every year in January, almost one in every three Americans make the determination to be a better version of themselves in some form or fashion. However, a much smaller percentage actually follow through on those resolutions. While approximately seventy-five percent of individuals stick to what they resolved to do for about one week, less than fifty percent of those remain on target to fulfill those goals six months in. It might seem impossible to sustain the enthusiasm after the confetti has been cleaned from the floor, but it isn’t. So this year, select one of the following noteworthy resolutions and stick with it.

Start Practicing Healthy Habits

We all know what this means, it means starting an exercise routine and consuming healthier foods. This sounds quite simple and easy, however, the fact is that this is among one of the most prevalent resolutions displays just how perplexing it is to commit totally to it. However, you can be successful once you do not expect overnight success. In fact, you should prepare yourself for roadblocks, utilize a food journal to ensure that you keep track of what you consume, and also have a support system in place. It has been proven that just around the four to six-week period, persons begin to make excuses as to why they can no longer continue. This is why it is so vital to have that support on your side regularly to encourage you through the difficult times.

Stay In Touch

If you have that nagging feeling that some of your old friends and or family have fallen by the wayside, then it is therapeutic and healthy for you to make that reconnection. Studies have shown that individuals with a strong social lifestyle live longer than persons that do not. According to research, it has been discovered that the lack of shared bonds may result in damage to your health just as much as alcohol abuse and smoking, even more than inadequate exercise and obesity. In today’s society with so much technology, at no time has it been easier to get connected and stay in touch or even refresh an old friendship.

Stock Up For Your Health

There are pharmacies at practically every corner and there are ready to assist you in your wellness journey, by simply supplying a variety of supplements, vitamins, immunity support products, and the list continue, it seems as if they are trying to make living healthier, easier for everyone.

Quit Smoking

Do not allow the fact that you have tried multiple times and failed, stop you from trying again. If you have a conversation with anyone that used to smoke, they would confirm that the key to success is to try and try again even after failing so many times. This is considered one of the more difficult habits to quit but is a plus is all the money you will save from not having to buy so many cigarettes.

Saving Money

How about saving money through making healthy lifestyle changes? Ride your bicycle to work or even walk if you can, or try a carpooling option. This would mean more money remaining in your pockets and a reduction in air pollution, now that is a win, win. Reduce gym membership costs by remaining at home and completing your exercising, there are plenty of free exercise and fitness apps that can be downloaded and followed. Check what you have in the pantry and refrigerator and then make your shopping list. Purposeless grocery shopping may lead to unwise choices not only for your wallet but for your diet as well.

Cut Out Stress

A small amount of pressure here and there is not the worse, as it will not necessarily kill us, in fact, it is noted that short periods of stress provide us with an energy boost. However, chronic stress, on the other hand, is a different story, this can result in an increased risk of depression, insomnia, heart disease, and obesity. Little sleep, long hours at work, poor diet, lack of exercise, and neglecting family and friends are all contributors to stress. Stress is a part of our lives that is inevitable, sleep, socializing, relaxing, and going on vacation are all stress relievers and things that we say we want, however, we do not allow ourselves to enjoy them.


Most of us were raised to believe that our own pleasure relies solely on advancing ourselves, however, our happiness can as easily be derived from helping others, especially when did not ask for it. Happiness is great for your overall health. Research has discovered that persons with a positive outlook and positive feelings were approximately twenty percent less likely than those that did not to suffer from heart disease and heart attacks. Being happy could also make individuals more ingenious and irrepressible. Making a resolution like this would certainly generate remarkable personal benefit.

Return To School

Do not look at your age, regardless of how many moons have passed, going back to school can always help restore your career, also put you in a position to meet new people and also enhance your brainpower. A study that was conducted in 2007 revealed that middle-aged persons that returned to the classroom, including those that attended night school, displayed improved verbal skills and stronger memories than persons that did not. Additionally, research has shown that there is an association between a reduction in Alzheimer’s disease and a higher level of education.

Get More Sleep

Sleep is way more important than most people realize. Inadequate sleep has been associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. Sleep is also vital for strengthening memories, which called consolidation.

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

The brain functions are affected seriously by the drinking of alcohol, the neurotransmitters in the brain can increase the risk of memory loss, depression, and even seizures. What is more is that chronic heavy drinking increase your risk of heart and liver disease, stroke, hypertension, and mental deterioration, even cancers of the liver, throat, mouth, and breast.