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10 Dog Breeds That Are Known To Turn On Their Owners

Despite being the most wonderful and loyal pets, dogs can be dangerous sometimes. Under some conditions, any dog can attack anyone including his owner(s). However, there are some dog breeds which are more dangerous than others. Here is a compiled list of ten of the most dangerous dog breeds.

American Pit Bull Terrier

These dogs repeatedly make headlines for attacking people. Their aggressive temperament matched with their strength historically saw them bred as fighting dogs. While dog fights are illegal, many of the dogs still exhibit the traits of fighters. These dogs were also used for baiting both bulls and bears so their genetic makeup is rather fierce. Pit bulls have been known to attack children, the elderly, their owners – anyone that happens to be in their path. If the dog feels provoked or startled, it has been known to bite. Many owners swear that their pet would never attack them; however, this breed has led to more human fatalities than any other.

German Shepherd

A favorite breed for police and military units among other professionals who require the use of canine squads, German Shepherds are well known for their intelligence. While they are popular pets, there are many cases where the dogs have turned on their owners or someone in the household. They are aggressive and self-assured dogs that often exhibit protective behaviors for their human family. Even so, some poorly socialized German Shepherds have been known to attack and even kill. Just this year a thirty-five-year-old woman was attacked and killed by the family German Shepherd. Statistics show that these dogs are among the top five most likely to bite. While these dogs are extraordinarily smart and alert, they were originally bred for work. As working dogs, they have been used and trained by the military and police for various occupations in their line of duty. While they may be suited to their jobs in the line of duty, they may not always be suitable for the role of family pet.

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