10 Coolest Outdoor Careers

We’ve all had days when someone has caught us daydreaming about our ideal outdoor job. Where we imagine ourselves having the time of our lives doing our job. While most people think a job is something you do inside an office building, this is not always true.
With the right bachelor’s degree, you can look into outdoor careers that don’t confine you to spaces. In fact, if you choose the right path, you will not only do what you love, where you want, but also earn a decent living.
So, here are the ten coolest outdoor careers you can explore.

1. Farmer
Have a knack for growing food? Own a land that’s lying around unused? Farming could be a fruitful career for you. All you’ll need to do is to learn a few courses and may be even get into organic farming to earn the big bucks.

2. Botanist
Botanists work is classrooms, labs, and even government sectors. But one thing that’s common among botanist is that they spend ample time outside, studying the plant life. So, if plants fascinate you, look into getting a suitable degree.

3. Life/Coastguard
Some of us can’t get enough of water. If you’re such an individual, a career in life or coastguard will suit you best. The US Coast Guard employs both civilians and trained personnel for jobs such as search and rescue, aviation mechanics, and boat operators.

4. Paramedics
There are a very few people in the world that can claim getting an adrenalin rush while on their job. But the paramedics or EMT job gives you exactly that. You save people’s lives, and get a feeling of self-worth too. Add this to your career list if you’re considering a job in medical.

5. Park Ranger
A park ranger is responsible for civilian security, law enforcement, and resource management. It’s one of the best jobs you can do if you love the outdoor and also like to maintain order and reinforce rules and regulations.

6. Wildlife Biologist
In a nutshell, wildlife biologists have to take care of the wildlife present in forests. They inspect any analyze everything from ecosystems, habitats, and a range of other things. This will be your dream job if you love animals.

7. Landscape Artist/Architect
Homeowners are now looking for landscape architects who can help them design an environmentally friendly home. As a landscape artist, you’ll need to think outside the box and wander the outdoors

8. Forester
Foresters are responsible for taking care and managing land and natural resources. They apply scientific resources and work in a variety of outdoor settings.

9. Tour Guide
The tour guide’s life is ideal for anyone who likes to travel. You’ll need to learn about facts and be a people’s person, but it’s one of the best outdoor careers you can have!

10. Wildland Firefighter
Finally, you’ll need some skill and brutal strength to become a wildland firefighter. You’ll need to go where no machine or equipment can go to put out fierce fires.

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