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10 Awesome Facts Guaranteed To Make You Smile


Some days, it feels like all you hear about is the planet getting worse, prices getting higher, and the country becoming more divided. And on those days, a little bit of good news can go a long way. Have you heard about Quokkas, the adorable animals that always look like they’re smiling? Or did you know that the voice actors behind Minnie and Mickey Mouse were married in real life?

1. Bobbing For Apples Started As A British Courting Ritual


Today, bobbing for apples is a popular party game. But it turns out, the quirky activity started as an 18th-century British courting ritual, according to the History Channel. In one set of rules, each apple was assigned to a potential suitor. The ‘bobber’ would attempt to bite into the apple associated with her preferred beau. If she bit it on the first try, they would be destined for love. If it took her two tries, their love would sizzle and then fade. If it took her three, their relationship would be doomed.


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