10 Activities You Can Do on Your Next Camping Trip

Camping trip

If you have decided to unwind from the daily grind, it’s a great idea to take a vacation out in nature. Wherever you are located, there are sure to be many places around that offer a lovely time outdoors. You can choose one by the lake, or up in the mountains. Whatever you do, you are bound to have a wonderful view and an even better time!
Besides building a campfire and telling ghost stories, what else can you do on your next camping trip? The answer is only limited by your imagination.


1. Boat, Canoe, Kayak


Kayaking on the river. First person perspective. Water sport, active summer vacation.


If you are by the lake or the sea, you can go boating, canoeing, or kayaking. Water sports are a load of fun especially when you’re with your best buddies, so make sure you take plenty of waterproof gear along.



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2. Card and Board Games


Friends Camping Playing Cards


Everybody knows how wild it gets when someone whips out a deck of cards or Uno. Imagine doing that under the beautiful night sky, bright with the light of a thousand stars with the cold wind blowing past you and the warmth of your family or loved ones around you. It’ll be a moment to remember and look back on.




3.Exploring Nature


Best friends are hiking in nature


The number one reason people go camping is to get in touch with their adventurous side. You can do the same by going out exploring during the day and experience nature in all its splendor and glory. Take a camera along to quietly capture and commemorate everything you see!




4. Bird and Animal Watching


Elderly man watching birds with binoculars


Flora is the most beautiful thing to observe and makes it worth leaving the comfort of your house, but nothing is better than observing the natural habitat of animals and birds. Animal architecture is one of the most astounding things to watch, especially high up on mountains where rare species of animals reside that we don’t interact with daily. You can spend hours watching how they move, hunt, fly, and live in the space that they rule.




5. Stargazing


Colorful Night Starry Sky With Glowing Stars.


Ah, the magic of a clear, starry night! If your camping spot is away from the city, you are bound to find clear skies. Because of the lack of pollution in less densely populated areas, entire galaxies can be seen with the naked eye. Get your sleeping bags and find a view—now all you need is a hand to hold.




6. Snuggle and Talk


Young couple with backpacks cuddling on the grass


Camping with your favorite people is the best way to reconnect with them and strengthen old bonds. Get some hot cocoa and snuggle with your loved ones, talk about your worldviews and your hopes and dreams. These conversations will be etched in your memory forever.




7. Jamming Together


Group of teenagers camping in forest. Girl lying in tent, listening music. Boys cooking meat on bonfire, playing guitar.


There is always this one person in the group who is an amateur musician. Ask them to bring their instrument along and sing together at the campfire under the cover of a billion stars. Jamming is a great way to start or end a party!




8. Colored Fire


Rainbow fire


Find some colored fire crystals at a camping supply store and pack them along. Once your campfire is set, these crystals can conjure up the most amazing colors in flames you have ever seen!



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TheOutdoorWear.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We may earn a commission if you make a purchase through one of our links.




9. Bug or Leaf Collecting


Various of Fresh Nature Green Leaves Collection on Wooden Background


You and your friends can also go out exploring the native bugs and leaves in the area. Each species has won a race billions of years long to get here, and it can be fascinating to wonder about their origins. Try not to harm any insect or living thing in your environment; the balance of nature is delicate and doesn’t need any disturbances.




10. Play Hide and Seek!


baby is playing hide-and-seek hiding face


If the beauty of nature and some mellow music isn’t enough to keep the energy up, you can get your friends together to play some fun games! Hide and seek is extremely entertaining with so many new places to hide and plenty of time at hand.